As a member of council: recreation, industry and taxes, have been my focus. Each is very important to the future of Caledon.


Recreation in the form of two new arenas in Caledon East is the centre point for both hockey and lacrosse and grows the opportunity for youth and adults alike to keep active. During this last term of council we approved completing both Phase 3 and 4 of the Caledon East Community Center.  This will complete the vision for this complex that I was happy to be part of during my very first term of council 19 years ago, and was one of the reasons I first ran for council.

With the purchase of the Johnston Farm for outdoor sports fields we also expanded opportunities for outdoor sports.   We have continued to develop the sports park over the years but do need to look for another location for the future.

With the purchase of the Orangeville rail lands, we have the ability to expand our recreational trail network.

I would also like to work on recreation opportunities that can be delivered to the villages like Mono Mills and Palgrave in a cost-effective manner.


We need to continue to attract businesses to Caledon and expand our industrial areas in Tullamore, South Albion and in the Mayfield West area. This is going on now and must continue so that we can reduce the tax load on the residential taxes. The businesses that exist in the rural areas of Caledon need to be supported so they can expand and contribute to the overall benefit of the town, be they small home-based businesses, golf courses or agriculture.


Taxes are used to pay for the expenses of the town while doing the work for the residents. We need to continue to ensure that every dollar provides maximum value.

Residential growth will also contribute to the tax base as will more industrial growth. However, the residential tax base cannot continue to carry the cost of road development and maintenance. I will work toward accessing a fair share of the gas tax money for our road maintenance and repair.

I will work to grow the rural economy while continuing to protect the natural environment.

User fees contribute to the revenue of the town and we need to do more value-added work to increase total amount of user fees collected.

Residential Growth

Residential growth, like what is happening in Caledon East, is good when it happens on the communities’ terms. That is exactly what is happening and will continue to happen in Caledon East. The Caledon East Secondary Plan outlines the location and type of development. As Councillor, I will ensure the community continues to be a part of any plan, and will work with the residents and developers to do exactly that. This will provide an opportunity to increase the mix of homes in Caledon East and support local businesses.

Opportunities for
New Sources of Revenue

As the Area Councillor for Ward 4 I would:

  • increase commercial development by streamlining and reducing the bureaucracy associated with the building/planning process in the Town of Caledon
  • urge the Town to pursue innovative solutions to meet the challenges of providing recreational opportunities
  • promote Agri-tourism as a recent movement to our area that enhances the rural economy while improving quality of life for our visitors and our residents