Dear Residents of Wards 3 and 4,

First I would like to thank you for your support over the past 15 years as your Area Council­lor. It has been my sincerest pleasure to represent you and to work to ensure that your interests and concerns are addressed.

The upcoming Municipal Elections are upon us again and I encourage you to exercise your right to vote on Monday, October 22nd. An election is not about campaigning for a month every 4 years but rather a 4-year commitment followed by an election. It is with this in mind that I ask for your continued support on October 22nd. Make your vote count!

We have made huge improvement in the main issues in Caledon but there is always room to do more. Road safety and road improvements go together. We need to continue to make roads safer both when they are rebuilt but also when problems arise. Working with the community we will be investing more in pedestrian and traffic safety. Examples near me are the improvements in Palgrave with the trail crossing and the traffic lights at Patterson and Highway 50. Traffic calming is also being planned for areas in our ward including Caledon East. Improvement to Mountianview will improve pedestrian safety and slow traffic.

Another issue I have heard from my friends and neighbours is Housing for residents to down size to or begin home ownership with. We are presently a community of mostly of single family homes. Condo and land lease have been popular and the uptake quick. We need to, with community input, find a way to have a more diverse housing selection throughout Caledon.

I would look to increasing available land for industrial development to provide jobs as well as stabilize the property tax rate. Working with landowners and investors to attract new businesses, like Canadian Tire and Amazon, and support the many existing businesses, like Multivans, Mars and the multitude number of small business, to expand and be successful in our community.

I, Nick DeBoer, want to continue to serve and provide support to my friends and neighbours and would like to ask for your continued support.